Branding in the Public Eye

Considerations for public entities in search of an authentic identity 

An authentic brand is one of the most valuable tangible assets any business entity can possess, including municipal and not-for-profit organizations. However, a common byproduct of many public-sector rebranding initiatives is dissent, especially in uncertain economic times.

Logo Design Drek

Avoid these five cardinal sins of brand identity development. 

From your lawyer’s unintentionally groovy Mary Tyler Moore typeface (Peignot if you’re curious) to the local plumber’s crudely-rendered homage to Yosemite Sam, logo design atrocities abound. No business ever sets out to be a running sight gag, but the harsh reality is that for every sharp, succinct, well-executed brand identity, there are easily thirty others that run the gamut from banal and forgettable to truly abominable.

Five Reasons RFPs are Flawed

Looking to lease creative gray matter? Rethink the RFP route. 

A request for proposal (RFP for short) is the method by which many businesses choose to attract multiple agencies to one point in time for a given project. Basically, it allows companies to submit projects to a common forum, (such as for agencies to view and bid on. It’s a relatively effortless (read lazy) way for companies to chum for creative sharks.