Aware360 Website project

Due to its entrenchment in Western Canada’s real-time monitoring sector and its progressive, client-focused model, Aware360 is a business success story in the truest sense. With a blue-chip client base, monster projects on the horizon and plans to dominate the m2m marketplace, the company sought a brand strategy that would reflect – and keep pace with – its ever-increasing footprint on the industrial automation landscape.

Rdeca Group was recruited to rebuild the visual language for a company that had expanded, conglomerated and outpaced its legacy brand assets. We recommended a comprehensive brand realignment that would provide a strong foundation for communicating effectively across all media, and that would grow in tandem with the company. Essentially, we helped the client understand that a new engine was required rather than just a fresh coat of paint.

On the communications side, Rdeca Group’s strategy for differentiating Aware360 from its competitors was to employ simplicity and economy. The Aware360 website was written and designed to convey the client’s value proposition and technical expertise in simple, direct and engaging terms. The user interface is clean and minimalist. The writing is direct and jargon-free. In tandem with the brand strategy, the site was designed to underscore the importance of people to Aware360’s business model, and to position the client as a real time monitoring leader that taps into the best minds in the industry to produce remarkable outcomes for its clients.


User Experience
Web Design