Lac Ste. Anne County Website project

Lac Ste. Anne County is a rural municipality located about an hour due west of Edmonton, Alberta. Like many rural municipalities in Western Canada, they consistently strive to do more with less. Faced with evolving communications needs and lacking the in-house resources to achieve their goals, the County reached out to Rdeca Group.

The overarching objective of our engagement with the client was to help the client grow a sensible, manageable and scalable communications program with a redesigned County website at its core. We began by meeting with the County's management team to take an inventory of wants, needs and must-haves for the new website. These initial strategy sessions helped us develop a practical informational hierarchy - a vital foundation to support the breadth and depth of any municipal website.

We worked with the client on evolving the Lac Ste. Anne County brand in tandem with the website redesign project. While this additional requirement added time and complexity to the initial stages of the engagement, it also provided the client with a more professional and engaging user experience that continues to pay dividends in terms of and greater overall goodwill. 


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