Lesser Slave River Communications project

The Municipal District of Lesser Slave River is an expansive municipality located in the heart of northern Alberta. Spanning over ten thousand square kilometers, Lesser Slave River is home to hundreds of prosperous farms, beautiful hamlets, and a number of thriving oil and gas, forestry and agriculture industries.

Rdeca Group was given the ambitious task of branding a client who was still reeling from one of the worst natural disasters in Canadian history: the northern Alberta wildfires of May 2011. Our recommendation was to evolve and realign a brand that, while flawed and fragmented, had achieved iconic status as a result of the tragedy. The underlying purpose of this strategy was to empower the client with the tools to engage, educate and safeguard its constituents. 

At the core of the communications strategy is a website that engages locals in an authentic two-way conversation; that promotes the unique region to travelers and career-seekers; and that accurately and respectfully recounts the wildfires. The new brand was evolved in tandem with an overarching strategic communications initiative. An exceedingly helpful yet hands-off client enabled us to execute these deliverables within an extremely compressed time frame.


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